Australis Navigator Software

Australis has developed in-house tailored inspection technology that allows inspectors to utilise cross-platform table devices (android and I-pad) to record field inspection data for assets. The software specifically allows for usage of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) layers such as ESRI shapefiles to be incorporated into our workflow. The great attributes of this technology are:

  • it provides for real time data collection and combines photos, GIS and inspection notes together.
  • can be provided down to the component level.
  • the data can be deliverable to the client in a number of formats (ESRI shapefile, Spatialite, SQLite, PostGIS, geoION, Google earth KML larger, Excel or CSV).
  • inspection templates can be tailored to client requirements for valuation or asset management/condition assessment surveys.

Specifically for Infrastructure Assets, our software enables us to:

  • GPS route log, as well as geo-locate photos, altitude and speed.
  • export to common GIS formats.
  • verify exactly which assets have been inspected.
  • provide additional data for the condition assessments.
  • assist road characterisation supporting the valuation process. 

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