Insurance Assessments & Insurance Risk

Insurance is all about managing risk and providing financial compensation in the event of property loss. The basic purpose of valuation and insurance is to anticipate catastrophic losses that could financially impair your future.  Three basic procedures for determining your insurance needs are: 

  1. To eliminate or reduce risk by properly managing maintenance, repair, training, and safety programs.
  2. For the client to assume risk by accepting small losses and setting a deductible for the catastrophic risks.
  3. Transfer the risk by buying the proper amounts of insurance tailored to specific needs by understanding current asset values and reinstatement times.  

Australis offers Insurance Valuation and reports to provide you with the most comprehensive advice available to determine what your insurable values should be and what your observable asset cost risks are. This may also be of benefit to your insurance brokers and re-insurers in tailoring the best possible insurance coverage for you.

The major function for Australis is from a Property and Infrastructure Insurance standpoint. Our consultants can provide the data required to restore property and possessions to the point before the insurable incident occurred, perform desktop or comprehensive cost risk analysis on existing data - therein providing owners, brokers and insurers with a clearer indication of the current level of cover, and/or offer advice for the path forward.  Australis are also positioned to offer additional risk management and business loss solutions through our partnerships.

The individuals at Australis have undertaken Insurance Valuation work for many specialised, small and large asset types, such as stone/heritage churches, universities, infrastructure projects including major airports and ports, open cut and underground mines, coal and gas fired power stations, utilities, commercial properties and site improvements. We are available to discuss any requirements you have, so please feel free to contact us.

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