Asset Management & Condition Assessment

With our valuers and engineers’ experience, and our investment into data collection and reporting technologyAustralis has developed products to assist you with your asset management and/or condition assessment needs.

If you have considered undertaking valuations for Financial Reporting purposes, have you also considered a review of your Asset Management policies? An Asset Management plan is an integral part of the management of any entity and valuers and engineers typically will have, or should have, regard to it within the valuation process. We can offer you advice relating to useful lives (which may vary based on an assets location and use), maintenance requirements, assist with categorisation in your asset register, componentisation, as well as condition assessment.

Our condition assessment product provides detailed data collection and reporting for Plant and Equipment, Infrastructure, Site Improvements, Park and Building assets. We have also structured our field collection templates and reports in such a format that if required, assets can be condition assessed at a component level. Condition reports can assist your approach to asset management and identify where immediate repairs or issues should be addressed.

Whatever your needs may be in asset management, please do not hesitate contact us with your questions for a no obligation discussion.

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