Insurance Assessments & Insurance Risk

Insurance is all about managing risk and providing financial compensation in the event of property loss. The basic purpose of valuation and insurance is to anticipate catastrophic losses that could financially impair your future.

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Property, Plant and Equipment Valuation

The valuers at Australis have many years’ experience in valuation of tangible property assets and are registered in all states of Australia and New Zealand. 

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Asset Management & Condition Assessment

With our valuers and engineers’ experience, and our investment into data collection and reporting technologyAustralis has developed products to assist you with your asset management and/or condition assessment needs.

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Australis is proud to offer you globally-focused asset advice, risk assessment, and valuation services. We advise clients on common and specialised assets, from single items through to complex, billion dollar portfolios.

Our team of experts has over 80 years combined experience and has consulted to ASX listed companies, along with local and state governments, across all asset classes - from land to buildings, plant, equipment and all categories of infrastructure. 

Government – The Australis team has consistently worked with councils and state clients in past 7 years. This is an area industry we specialise in and Australis has this year delivered valuations for financial reporting, insurance and asset management purposes across Australia.

Not For Profit – Over the years our team members have been involved in several projects for church organisations, aged case, schools and other NFPs in all states. We have provided valuation advice for insurance, sale, acquisition and tax purposes in this industry, and would be happy to talk to you about our experience.

Private – Whether you are a top ASX 100 company or a small shop on the corner, our team members have been involved in projects valuing assets for stamp duty, insurance, tax, financial reporting, or sale/acquisition. Australis has this year carried out work with airport, gas and energy assets for various clients.

Education – Our property department has built up significant experience in this field, and Australis has serviced a number of clients this year for insurance and financial reporting. We are developing our services in this area with increasing use of technology and investment into building and accessing information.


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