Fair Value Disclosure Reports

Valuation disclosure reports for Fair Value within an entity's financial reports. Some valuation companies will say some pretty alarmist things regarding AASB 13 (Australian Accounting Standards Board) Fair Value Disclosure Notes, and only "they" are able to produce them correctly. The truth is, yes, they do need to be right and it does require an experienced valuer, but no, there is not any secret science behind them. The sky is not falling. The team at Australis have provided disclosure notes for financial reporting purposes country-wide and without issue.

AASB13 Fair Value, being a relatively new standard, has had some varying interpretations from Auditors during the 2013-2014 years, but now things are settling into place as to general requirements in the standards. Some of the Australian State Government valuation, finance, and treasury departments have been releasing documents outlining their interpretations of the standard and reporting requirements, which are easy to adhere to. The quality of report that we at Australis have been producing even prior to the release of the new standard contained much of the information that was clarified in the new Fair Value rules.

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