Choose Australis with Confidence

Our experience is your assurance

Top ASX 100 companies, state and local governments, not-for-profits, along with leaders in energy and mining, all rely on Australis' 80+ combined years of experience.


Having valued more than $250 billion in large and small, common and specialised assets, we tailor our advisory services to each client, providing a boutique, highly personalised experience. This is supported by a seasoned senior management team, including experts with at least 10 years’ experience in their area of specialisation.


Trust in our accuracy, attention and accountability

Having conducted more than 500 major valuation and asset management projects in the Asia-Pacific region to date, the Australis team is invested in maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity. You can trust us to provide accurate, market-led independent valuations and assessments that offer your portfolio the best possible advice on your assets. 

No short cuts

All land valuations are conducted by registered valuers with relevant experience. Our cadets are carefully mentored under close supervision, offering you peace of mind that your assets will receive the attention they deserve. All partners in the business have an active role in every valuation project in order to ensure that the outputs are endorsed before delivery.


Transparent, traceable valuations

Australis offers a more open and traceable process. This includes plain-English disclosures in line with best practice guidelines of AASB, IFRS, State Audit organisations, the API and other industry bodies.


Closer collaboration

We care about our clients' ideas on Asset Management and the increased importance to the valuation process. Recent projects have included the integration of Financial Reporting Valuation, Asset Management surveys and Insurance assessments. We have discovered that an integrated approach, which inherently involves closer consultation with our clients has achieved a meaningful valuation product.


Project Management

Our team has significant valuation project management expertise having managed some of the largest valuation exercises in New Zealand and the Australian States and Territories over the past 5 years. We have developed an escalation protocol and project update system that provides our clients with project tracking, as well delivering superior communication channels. Our project coordination team is able to utilised our project management software and Australis Navigator Inspection software to ensure that project delivery is properly managed.


Dedication and passion

Australis is fuelled by the passion of professionals who have dedicated themselves to their careers. While all senior staff members have experience in various valuation disciplines, we offer a depth of expertise that transcends that of broad discipline valuers. This is evidenced in our last five years of specialisation within the Financial Reporting and Insurance sectors along with our increasing focus on providing Asset Management advice for a number of our clients.


Ahead of the curve

Our work is underpinned by the latest technology, to improve efficiency and accuracy. For example, our seamless integration with our clients' geographic information system (GIS) teams, offers enhanced accuracy, across all aspects of the advisory process.

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