Why AAA Group?

Australis Asset Advisory (AAA) Group is the result of a conversation between our specialist valuers, coming together and realising we all had very similar goals, really enjoyed working in the industry and knew that by coming together, we could have more of a chance to improve systems and products rather than be just a ‘cog in the wheel’. We realised that there could be an opportunity for people like ourselves who are passionate about valuation to offer a better service and better products to the market particularly for the local government industry. We all had knowledge of the products and companies out there and felt there was a need for improvement. Having been in the industry for some time, our vision is to focus on providing our clients with a superior product. To do this, we aim to offer:

  • A more open and traceable valuation process, including easy to follow disclosures that align with the most recent decisions and discussions had by AASB, State Audit organisations and other industry bodies.
  • Better collaboration with clients and their ideas on Asset Management, leading to more accurate outputs to the valuation process.
  • Utilising registered valuers for land valuations (not cadets).
  • Offering expertise of people who have had continuous experience in the industry. We are not just broad discipline valuers. Although all have a backgrounds in various valuation disciplines, we have been solely within the Financial Reporting and Insurance sector within the last 5 years.
  • Utilising up to date technology for superior data inputting and analysis and working with the client’s GIS team.

aspiring . accountable . accurate