Australis’s Managing Director, Jan Soer-Reime, has been working in the valuation industry for over 5 years, specialising in delivering projects for the Insurance and Financial Reporting sector. In 2015 the Australis team formalised, by bringing together a number of key professionals, who like him were encouraged by the feedback from the industry that there was an appetite for new ideas and new alternatives in the market place. Whilst Australis was a new name to the industry in 2015, our engineers and valuers have carried out over 300 projects and have more than 13 years between them delivering Insurance and Financial Reporting valuation projects.

Our team is driven, passionate about collaboration and developing new products that will make the valuation process as smooth as possible for our clients. We are family people, of a similar age, with similar goals, and we know there are improvements needed in the way things have traditionally been done. We have the technology, the skills, experience and dedication to offer you a quality service and are excited about the future.”

Jan Soer-Reime


Aspiring: We have been privileged to take part in and have had influence on some significant changes in the industry in the past 5 years. We endeavour to be a positive and integral part of the industry for the next 5 years and beyond, with an aspiration and desire to work in partnership with our clients to offer better aligned consultancy services in Financial Reporting, Insurance and Asset Management disciplines.

Accountable: The differences that Australis Asset Advisory can provide have been based on the desire of the company to improve on current industry standard methodologies and project delivery expectations currently in the industry. For Australis, it is not just about the end value, but the whole process of getting to the deliverable stage. We believe that valuation must become a more open and traceable process to improve confidence and the reputation of the profession. This improved confidence and accountability will further benefit you through more realistic models, better collaboration and more accurate outputs to the valuation process.

Accurate: At Australis Asset Advisory, we believe more accuracy can be achieved by implementing an improved approach to the recording and analysis stages of the valuation process, and having a good quality, well sourced database. These improvements include linking existing asset management policies and/or actual examples of patterns of consumption, and providing more meaningful valuation data that can be used not just for financial reports. Our focus is on maximising the observable inputs, and providing special attention to inputs that have a significant impact on the value (such as unit rates, lives, condition, obsolescence, and residuals).

Behind the name

Terra Australis (Latin for South Land) was one of several names applied to this country in the 18th Century, until Matthew Flinders, being the first to circumnavigate the majority of the mainland coastline, advocated for the name we now use: “Australia.” The journey that Matthew Flinders made and the years spent at sea, surveying this continent is something of an inspiration. We have an appreciation for this event in our history, with the idea that these pioneers navigated and sought direction from the stars whilst on this journey - in fact the same stars we see today. Getting to this point of our careers has certainly been a rewarding and challenging journey. And whilst we are by no means explorers, we do find ourselves surveying in some of the most remote and beautiful places of our country.

aspiring . accountable . accurate